First Night of Vanlife

Meant to get out of the House of Hell (a room I found in a lady’s house – from Craigslist – who ended up being completely mentally unstable while also being a crook, taking not only money from me but from other prospective tenants) on the weekend but I got hit with some nasty stomach virus. 

Felt a bit better and went to work for about 1/2 a day before starting to feel downright nauseous and feverish. Got some acupuncture since that always helps me sleep when I’m like this.  Then my teeth started hurting really bad, bones are aching and my head is pounding and I’m vomiting out of my anus as if I’ve eaten the world and have drunk the oceans. 

So I cheated. I went to an RV park for the night. I called the Wal-Mart near my office and they said the city enforces no overnighting and I just don’t have the energy to deal with this right now.

Praying for amazing sleep and hoping I feel right as rain tomorrow. 

P.S. Some guy parked next to me in the overflow area with his rundown RV keeps looking over. I’m getting weird vibes. How ironic would it be if I were to die the one night I decide to keep things safe and simple? Lol

Good night and good morning! ❤️


9 thoughts on “First Night of Vanlife

    1. Thanks Adam!!! Would love to catch up soon again too. Call me one of these days (night times after 8 or weekends are best). If I’m feeling good, will be helping PCT trail maintenance this weekend near Andersen’s place


    1. I’ve backpacked recently for 600 miles so living in a van is a luxury. I prefer to have less than more anyway. Once my belongings build up to a certain point, I have to get rid of most of it or I start to feel claustrophobic. But I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to learning from the ones who’ve been doing this for some time. Already, I can sense there will be many a thing I will need to figure out. Thank you for finding my blog and letting me know 🙂

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      1. That is so exciting! I´ve never got to backpack very much; seems like I need to do that sometime! I agree with the “claustrophobic feeling” you describe, I feel the same way. Some people in my own family LOVE to accumulate stuff; it drives me nuts!
        There is quite a network of people online regarding all types of alternative lifestyles: homeless, houseless, housefree (a new term I picked up just a few days ago), nomads, hobos, urban campers, hippies, van dwellers, bohemians, travelers, wandering souls, vagabonds, and many more! In other words, you are in good company.


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    1. Great idea!!! Might need to go to ikea or make some curtain rods. I have some navy striped curtains that might work. … Hmmm. Now you’ve got me thinking. Thanks for the suggestion! Love it

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  1. I spent the last two years living in a truck. When I parked in a quiet place and closed the curtains, I forgot the outside world existed.

    When I parked in truck stops I learned what sounds I could ignore and when to peak through the curtain to see what was going on.

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