2nd night

Oh my gooooddddddd, I’m so emo! I was crying driving to work on the freeway this morning, thinking about how – even though I’m feeling under the weather – I’m feeling like a weight has (or is being) lifted.

The fact that, despite some personal and some measly credit card debt, I’m no longer living paycheck to paycheck and I can actually get back to travelling consistently within a year or so if I play my cards right and live frugally. I can also pay off my dear friends who’ve been there for me in the worst -and utterly broke – of times. That just set in this morning and it is THE BEST feeling. For a moment, I caught myself fleetingly happy. Like, maybe even genuine exhilaration is what I experienced. Something so rare these days for me so almost unrecognizable. And then when I realized THAT, I started crying harder and laughing at the same time.

My intense emotional outbursts aside, 2nd night in the van was a success.

I don’t have a sun shade (waiting for a custom Toyota Sienna one to come via mail) or tinting in the front so people can see me if walking past the front or peering in. Also, I’m staying stationary for a while, considering I have a full time job (that wants me to work overtime on weekends) and a part time job while also trying to fit in my yoga and hikes. Point of that was: Time to find a place from night to night is too time consuming and time is money. SOOOO, I spoke with a nearby RV park. Since my minivan requires no hookups and I’m super low maintenance, I talked them down to a couple hundred dollars for a month from like $600 (Yeah, NOT paying $600/mth. That’s basically rent). This way, I can shower, swim and sunbathe (they have a pool!!!), take a dump or pee when the need arises, etc.

Not really what I was EXPECTING to do when I started this but it really makes the most sense while I tweak my living habits, living expenses and van space. Once I get all that figured out, I may take it to even more frugal style and go to Wal-Marts, etc. Just not right now. This is just much, much more efficient for the time being. Worth more than $250/mth in relation to the time I can get work done and earn more.

I’m excited. Tonight is yoga after work and then rush off to REI before they close. Maybe run to storage if I have time. Then park and sleep. Not sure how I fit TV into my schedule before. I don’t even get to my spot until 9-10pm as of late. Too much to get done and so little time!

So much morning breath going on in this pic, I can’t even… 👆🏻😄





6 thoughts on “2nd night

  1. Yay!!! So happy for you!!! I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures. Love the name “For The Wanderers”. It’s perfect and your writing is inspirational. Sounds like you’re in a great spot. Love you!

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  2. Hair coming back. Money coming back. Jobs coming back. It’s good to see your life coming back into focus. I hope you will make time to get out and hike. Time is money, but we don’t live on money alone. I know you know this.

    Let the good times roll!

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  3. Finding a free/safe/legal/decent parking spot is almost a part-time job! It is more difficult than all the #vanlife pics on Instagram make it seem. Seems like a reduced rate at the RV park is definitely the way to go right now:-)

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