3rd Night

After work, had my yoga and then I rushed to REI to get a new headlamp since my last Black Diamond one went wonky. Ended up getting far more than I expected but, luckily I had $120 or so in dividends so that offset my spending by more than half.

Didn’t get “home” until about 9:30pm. Ran to bathroom before it closed at 10pm and then slept like a baby. Woke up, pooped and brushed my teeth, took a shower, dressed and then did laundry at a laundromat before work.

Simplicity at it’s finest.Seriously. I haven’t had this in a LONG time so I’m reveling in the beauty of the basics. It’s like all of my anxieties and fears are abating with every night I have to myself and every morning that I wake up to birds chirping outside.

One thing I realized after not having had time to clean up last night is that I will have to clean DAILY if not a couple times a day to keep my van clean. It’s such a tiny little space that even a sock thrown on the ground and a napkin lying around makes it seem like a disgustingly sloppy mess. In a bigger space, let’s say an apartment, that wouldn’t seem like such a huge deal but it does here.

I also bought some camping cooking tools so will start making food with the custom stove I have soon. Details to come on that once I’ve used it for the first time. Hopefully, I won’t blow myself and the van up.

🚐 They see me rollin’…they hatin’ 🚐😄

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