4th Night

Didn’t get to my parking spot until later at night. Found some people had parked near my usually totally empty spot.

Met the neighbors, some Canadians on the way to Baja, Mexico. Super cool people. I told them I’ll probably move their way if Trump gets elected. Seriously though, Trump better not become president. No. Just no. I’m going to pretend he’s not even a contender.

Politics aside, since that’s such a neutral subject 😜… I had some wine last night which I probably shouldn’t have had since I’ve kind of quit drinking and today I have a pounding headache. Not sure why 2 glasses would do that but maybe my tolerance is getting low again. A good sign for my poor, tired liver.

Have to figure out wifi for the van. Apparently T-Mobile has an unlimited hotspot router of some sort. I can’t seem to find any others for my laptop. There used to be a service called “Clear” that used Sprint’s towers but that went out of business. Verizon nor Sprint have unlimited plans for laptops and I really need to get that to be able to do my part time work on-the-go. Any suggestions are absolutely welcome!

Got another acupuncture session – along with some cupping – done this morning (thanks, Groupon!). It was surreal. I feel like I’m floating around even though I have a horrid headache.

No pictures today. Planning on going to some concert in Joshua Tree tomorrow night though so will fit a hike in the next day there. Should be a good place for a photo op. Excited to finally try real camping with my minivan!!!

Have a great weekend, folks!

2 thoughts on “4th Night

  1. Might be a histamine reaction to the wine that is giving you a headache. I can get a headache from a single glass of wine, which is annoying, so I try to pound a pint of water for each glass of wine and sometimes this helps. I’ve NEVER gotten a headache from homemade wine. Maybe you can experiment with making small batches of wine in the van!?! Lol:-)

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