The 5th

Got to my parking spot pretty late after yoga. Finally met the neighbor who I’d mentioned before on first night who had been looking over. His name is Andy and he’s a decent enough man although he kept staring at my boobs while talking to me. I hate when men do that. Like, dude, yes – I have boobs. Get over it. 

Nothing to really write home about. Got up early to run errands, have brunch with some friends before heading out to Joshua Tree.

On the way to JT, I took a sharp turn and the dresser under my bed (see pics below) flew out and now refuses to go back in. Some black things appear broken underneath it so that sucks. I’m not a handy woman per se so will have to figure out how to get it back in. Super bummed about it since it hasn’t even been a week and that happened. But such is life. 


👆🏻That drawer flew off 😦 👆🏻   



4 thoughts on “The 5th

    1. Thanks! Yeah, when I saw it on Craigslist, I thought “THAT’S MY VAN!” The guy I bought it from has friends that custom make limo interiors so they had it all. He just gave them the specs.


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