Came back from Joshua Tree late last night. Had a wonderful weekend. It went by WAYYYYY too fast though. I got to JT later Saturday, went to the Philharmonic Orchestra, drank a bit and caught up with a friend that night. Woke up, packed up and then went to the park and did a couple of short hikes and drove around. I could’ve stayed at the park forever. Weather was perfect – windy yet sunny and the energy there was incredible. Next time I go back, I’m making it more than a day’s long event. Finding campgrounds on the weekends is a bit of an ordeal too so might have to be when I’m legitimately vanlifing (traveling around in my van and not so stationary). 

Ok, so I won’t be able to post every single day, moving forward but I made it for a WHOLE WEEK! And it’s been great – except the dresser breaking. Still have to figure that out. The guy I bought it from says I should bring it to him. Problem is, he’s like an hour away and I honestly don’t have the time right now. I’m thinking I’m going to see if I can unscrew the sides where the metal part is (that connects with sliding drawer counter metal part) so it sits on the floor from now on so I don’t have to worry about it breaking all the time. Don’t even know if that makes sense – I honestly have no idea what the parts are called. Hahaha.  Alls I know is is that my friend, who runs a construction company, couldn’t figure it out and said it was broken. lol

Oh! AND, guess what?!? I used my GoGirl for the first time. For those who have no idea what that is, it’s basically a funnel for females to use to pee since we don’t have hoses in our trunks that we can just whip out. I had been a little concerned using it since I read reviews of people spilling piss all over themselves because you have to hold it a certain way so it doesn’t spill out the sides but I didn’t spill and it was SUPER easy to use. My friend who’s been doing the van life for 2 years now warned me to have at least a 12 ounce (or two) bottles nearby. I’m glad I did because filled those bottles up FAST.  Anyway, thought that was fun. Since the bathrooms near me close at 10pm and I can’t just jump out of my van and tinkle in front of all the RVs nearby, this is a good thing. I can’t sleep well when my bladder is full.  Maybe TMI but there you have it anyway! 😆

I’m off to get my acupuncture for my endometriosis now. Hopefully it starts helping and soon. 

Have a great week everyone!!!
Joshua Tree was rad as hell but the harsh winds made it so that I had to wear a sweater and now have the weirdest sunburn on my forearms. The tan line is going to be just so ridiculous looking 😄



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