Every day is almost as if I’ve done this before. Not quite THIS, per se, but something similar enough that this isn’t a shock to me.

It makes me wonder: am I just numb and I have to shock myself to feeling things? That would explain my spontaneous and random life changes. Or am I just so attuned to change that this is a normal progression?

I know they say not to compare your life to others but I always wonder: if you did a case study with 100 people and shoved them into a life like mine, would they just adapt this easily? Or would they be shocked?

Granted, power of choice is a strong factor. Make someone do something they don’t want is only asking for them to reject what you push on them (unless they’ve been previously dominated by force or too weak to fight for themselves. Even then, you’re asking for a passive aggressive push back).

But, let’s say all these people claimed to want this lifestyle and were on board with the project, how would they view my meager existence?

Things I think about before I drift off to sleep… Welcome to my mind 😉

Good night. Hyvää yötä! 💖 


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