To Vanlife or Not To Vanlife

(Meant to post this 2 weeks ago…whoops)

I guess that would be the question if I was even debating it but I’m not…

I had a friend who I was helping out last night offer a spare room – about 1/2 hour drive away from full-time job – to me. What’s weird is that I didn’t want it. Like, at all.

And while I was helping her clean out her place, I couldn’t help thinking I don’t miss having my own apartment at all. I like my van. I like waking up to the sun beaming down on my face and birds chirping right outside. I like that I feel like I’m camping every night despite toiling away at work most days. It almost helps with the sudden violent urges of wanderlust that I get.

I like that I’m barely watching any (if at all) TV. It’s amazing how many more things you can get done when you’re not wanting to just lounge around. I mean, being in a private room where you can be lazy all day is sometimes the most amazing thing in the world but when you have a van, you don’t really want to just hang out in the van. So I guess that incentivizes me to get out and actually DO things. 

Havasupai vacation/backpacking trip is coming up in 6 weeks so just coordinating with the gals in my group. Super stoked about that. Supposed to go to Big Bear the following weekend and then either a wedding or dropping some soon-to-be thru hikers @ the Southern Terminus of the PCT the next. So plenty to do. I feel like I might be jinxing it when I say this but I’ll say it anyway: Life is good.

Hope yours is too. ❤

10 thoughts on “To Vanlife or Not To Vanlife

  1. I quit my job, put my stuff in storage and parked my car at my mom’s house in North Carolina. I’ve been backpacking in Maryland and Pennsylvania since April 21st. Occasionally I’ll stop at a grocery store to buy food. So far, I don’t miss the “comforts” of civilization but I do enjoy meeting other wanderers. I agree. Life is good.

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      1. It has been cool and cloudy for the most part. My first week the weather was mostly sunny and mild. On the whole I’ve been pleased with the weather. One of these days I’d like to spend some time backpacking in the Desert Southwest.

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